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Princess Grace Japanese Garden
Monaco » MCO
Place » Outdoors

5 Av. Princesse Grace, 98000 Monaco

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The Japanese Garden created in 1994 at the request of Prince Rainier III in accordance with the strictest principles of Zen design by landscape architect Yasuo Beppu (Grand Prix at the Osaka Flower Exhibition in 1990), transports visitors to the land of the rising sun, even as they remain in the Principality.

United Kingdom » London
Place » City

United Kingdom

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London is the capital and largest city of England and the United Kingdom. London’s 2018 population was 8,961,989. London has four World Heritage Sites.

Natural History Museum
United Kingdom » London
Place » Museum

Natural History Museum, Cromwell Rd, London SW7 5BD

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The Natural History Museum in London is a museum exhibiting a vast range of specimens from various segments of natural history. Uncover the history of life on Earth, from the smallest insects to the largest mammals.

London, United Kingdom
United Kingdom » GBR
Place » City

United Kingdom

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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain is a sovereign country in north-western Europe. The total area of the United Kingdom is 93,628 square miles (242,500 km2), with an estimated population in 2020 of over 67 million.

Tower Bridge
United Kingdom » London
Place » Historical Place

Tower Bridge Rd, London SE1 2UP, United Kingdom

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Tower Bridge houses three unique venues. The award-winning high level Walkways, the luxurious North Tower Lounge and the majestic Victorian Engine rooms.

Buckingham Palace
United Kingdom » London
Place » Historical Place

London SW1A 1AA, United Kingdom

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Buckingham Palace has served as the official London residence of Britain's sovereigns since 1837. Today Buckingham Palace is the administrative headquarters of the Monarch.

Tate Modern
United Kingdom » London
Place » Museum

Bankside, London SE1 9TG, United Kingdom

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Tate Modern is a modern art gallery located in London. It is Britain's national gallery of international modern art and forms part of the Tate group. It is housing the UK's collection of modern and contemporary art from 1900 to the present day and hosting special exhibitions and events.

National Gallery, London
United Kingdom » London
Place » Museum

Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DN

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The National Gallery is an art museum in Trafalgar Square in London. Founded in 1824, it houses a collection of over 2,300 paintings dating from the mid-13th century to 1900.

Tower of London
United Kingdom » London
Place » Historical Place

London EC3N 4AB, United Kingdom

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Tower of London is a historic castle located on the north bank of the River Thames. It is the 1,000 year old fortress in the city of London and at the heart of British history.

Royal Observatory Greenwich
United Kingdom » London
Place » Museum

Blackheath Ave, London SE10 8XJ, United Kingdom

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The Royal Observatory, Greenwich is the home of the Prime Meridian of the World. The Royal Observatory is London's only planetarium, Harrison's timekeepers and the UK's largest refracting telescope.

Sofia, Bulgaria
Bulgaria » Sofia
Place » City


403 views    💖 2
Sofia is the capital and largest city of Bulgaria. It had a population of 1,242,568 in 2019. Sofia is a cosmopolitan city of different nationalities and cultures. They elegantly coexist in the historic downtown, which has become a kind of open-air museum with preserved remains of ancient civilizations.

National Palace of Culture
Bulgaria » Sofia
Place » Historical Place

Bulevard "Bulgaria", 1463 Ndk, Sofia, Bulgaria

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The National Palace of Culture is the largest, multifunctional conference and exhibition centre in south-eastern Europe. It was opened in 1981 in celebration of Bulgaria's 1300th anniversary.

Kolossi Castle
Cyprus » CYP
Place » Historical Place

Kolossi, Cyprus

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Kolossi Castle is a former Crusader stronghold on the south-west edge of Kolossi village 14km west of the city of Limassol on the island of Cyprus. It held great strategic importance in the Middle Ages, and contained large facilities for the production of sugar from the local sugarcane.

Kykkos Monastery
Cyprus » CYP
Place » Temple

F966, Cyprus

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Kykkos Monastery, which lies 20 km west of Pedoulas, is one of the wealthiest and best-known monasteries in Cyprus. The Holy Monastery of the Virgin of Kykkos was founded around the end of the 11th century by the Byzantine emperor Alexios I Komnenos (1081–1118).

Tombs of the Kings
Cyprus » CYP
Place » Historical Place

Ave 63, Chloraka, Cyprus

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Tombs of the Kings is a large necropolis lying about two kilometes north of Paphos harbor in Cyprus. The underground tombs, many of which date back to the 4th century BC, are carved out of solid rock, and are thought to have been the burial sites of Paphitic aristocrats and high officials up to the third century AD

Nicosia, Cyprus
Cyprus » CYP
Place » City


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Cyprus is an island country in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, south of the Anatolian Peninsula. It had a population of 1.189 million in 2018. Nicosia is the largest city, capital, and seat of government of the island of Cyprus.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bos Her » BIH
Place » City

Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country at the crossroads of south and southeast Europe, located in the Balkans. The capital and largest city is Sarajevo. It had a population of 3,824,782 in 2021.

Old Bridge
Bos Her » BIH
Place » Tourism

Stari Most, Mostar 88000, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Stari Most is a rebuilt 16th-century Ottoman bridge in the city of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Stari Most, also known as Mostar Bridge, crosses the river Neretva and connects the two parts of the city.

Cliffs of Moher
Ireland » IRL
Place » Tourism

Liscannor, Co. Clare, Ireland

342 views    💖 6
The magnificent Cliffs of Moher is one of Ireland’s highest sea cliffs and favourite visitor experiences in County Clare along the Wild Atlantic Way. Sitting on Europe’s western frontier, enjoy spectacular vistas of the Atlantic Ocean and the Aran Islands.

Bunratty Castle
Ireland » IRL
Place » Historical Place

Bunratty, Co. Clare, Ireland

338 views    💖 5
Bunratty Castle is the most complete and authentic medieval fortress in Ireland. Built in 1425 it was restored in 1954 to its former medieval splendour and now contains mainly 15th and 16th century furnishings, tapestries, and works of art which capture the mood of those times.