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Memorial Chorten
Bhutan » Thimphu
Place » Tourism

Chhoten Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan

359 views    💖 3
The Memorial Stupa, Thimphu, also known as the Thimphu Chorten, is a stupa (Dzongkha chöten, cheten) in Thimphu, Bhutan, located on Doeboom Lam in the southern-central part of the city near the main roundabout and Indian military hospital.

Dochula Pass
Bhutan » BTN
Place » Tourism

Dochula, Bhutan

6 views    💖 1
Dochula Pass is a mountain pass in the snow covered Himalayas within Bhutan on the road from Thimphu to Punakha where 108 memorial chortens or stupas known as "Druk Wangyal Chortens" have been built by Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuk, the eldest Queen Mother.

Tashichho Dzong
Bhutan » Thimphu
Place » Temple

Chhagchhen Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan

358 views    💖 2
Tashichho Dzong is a Buddhist monastery and fortress. In 1641 Zhabdrung built the Tashicho Dzong (Fortress of the auspicious religion) in place of the Dho Ngon (Blue stone) Dzong built by Lama Gyalwa Lhanangpa. In 1698, the dzong caught fire and was restored.

Taktsang Monastery
Bhutan » BTN
Place » Temple

Taktsang trail BT, Taktsang trail, Bhutan

360 views    💖 2
Taktshang Goemba or Tiger's Nest Monastery was blessed and sanctified as one of Bhutan's most sacred religious sites. Taktshang Goemba hangs on a cliff and stands above a beautiful forest of blue pine and rhododendrons. Taktsang Monastery is one of thirteen Tiger's Nest caves in historical Tibet in which Padmasambhava practiced and taught Vajrayana.

Chimi Lhakhang
Bhutan » BTN
Place » Temple

Teoprongchu, Bhutan

429 views    💖 7
Chimi Lhakhang, also known as Chime Lhakhang or Monastery or temple, is a Buddhist monastery in Punakha District, Bhutan. Located near Lobesa, it stands on a round hillock and was built in 1499 by the 14th Drukpa hierarch, Ngawang Choegyel, after the site was blessed by the "Divine Madman" the maverick saint Drukpa Kunley (1455–1529) who built a chorten on the site.

Chagri Dorjeden Monastery
Bhutan » Thimphu
Place » Temple

21 Norzin Lam 2, Thimphu, Bhutan

369 views    💖 2
Chari Dorjeden or Chari Monastery was the first monastery established in Bhutan by Chamgon Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal (1594-1651) in 1620 when he was 27 years old. It is located 14km north of Thimphu city at the altitude of 2850 meters above the sea level.

Buddha Dordenma statue
Bhutan » Thimphu
Place » Tourism

Kuenselphodrang, Thimphu, Bhutan

325 views    💖 5
Great Buddha Dordenma is a gigantic Shakyamuni Buddha statue in the mountains of Bhutan celebrating the 60th anniversary of fourth king Jigme Singye Wangchuck. The statue houses over one hundred thousand smaller Buddha statues, each of which, like the Great Buddha Dordenma itself, will be made of bronze and gilded in gold.

Thimphu, Bhutan
Bhutan » BTN
Place » City


68 views    💖 1
Bhutan is a landlocked country in the Eastern Himalayas. The country has a population of over 754,000 and a territory of 38,394 square kilometers (14,824 sq mi). The largest city in Bhutan is the capital Thimphu.

Bhutan » Thimphu
Place » City


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Thimphu is the capital and largest city of Bhutan. It is situated in the western central part of Bhutan, and the surrounding valley is one of Bhutan's dzongkhags, the Thimphu District. The ancient capital city of Punakha was replaced as capital by Thimphu in 1955, and in 1961 Thimphu was declared as the capital of the Kingdom of Bhutan by the 3rd Druk Gyalpo Jigme Dorji Wangchuck. It had a population of 114,551 in 2017.

Punakha Dzong
Bhutan » BTN
Place » Tourism


314 views    💖 1
Punakha was the first capital of Bhutan and the country’s first king was crowned here in 1907. The Punakha Dzong, also known as Pungtang Dewa chhenbi Phodrang, is the administrative centre of Punakha District in Punakha, Bhutan.

National Orchid Garden
Singapore » SGP
Place » Outdoors

1 Cluny Rd, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore 259569

9 views    💖 1
The National Orchid Garden, located within the Singapore Botanic Gardens, was opened on 20 October 1995 by Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew. The Garden is located on the highest hill in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Providing a place for 60,000 orchid plants – consisting of 1000 species and more than 2,000 hybrids – is the three hectares of carefully landscaped slopes.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden
Thailand » Pattaya
Place » Outdoors

34 Na Chom Thian, Sattahip District, Chon Buri 20250, Thailand

15 views    💖 1
Nong Nooch Tropical Garden is a very popular tourist attraction with an area of over 1, 700 rai welcoming tourists from all over the world. More than 5,000 people visit each day and the garden has also been recognised as one of the top ten most beautiful gardens in the world. It is rated highly by global websites and has received numerous honors and awards.

Nikko Tosho gu
Japan » Kanto
Place » Historical Place

2301 Sannai, Nikko, Tochigi 321-1431, Japan

30 views    💖 1
Nikkō Tōshō-gū is a Tōshō-gū Shinto shrine located in Nikkō, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. Toshogu Shrine is a magnificent memorial to Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of the Tokugawa Shogunate, which ruled Japan for over 250 years until 1868. Ieyasu is enshrined at Toshogu as the deity Tosho Daigongen, "Great Deity of the East Shining Light".

Myogi Shrine
Japan » Kanto
Place » Historical Place

Japan, 〒379-0201 Gunma, Tomioka

143 views    💖 1
Myogi Shrine reveals the beauty of magnificent Japanese architecture at the center of worship toward Mt. Myogi.

Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore » SGP
Place » Tourism

Airport Blvd., Singapore

35 views    💖 1
Singapore Changi Airport is a major civilian international airport that serves Singapore, and is one of the largest transportation hubs in Asia. As one of the world's busiest airports by international passenger and cargo traffic.

Wat Leu Pagoda
Cambodia » Sihanoukville
Place » Temple

Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia

143 views    💖 1
Wat Leu Pagoda is one of five most beautiful Buddhist pagodas in Sihanoukville.

Choeung Ek Genocidal Center
Cambodia » Phnom Penh
Place » Museum

ផ្លូវជើងឯក, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

38 views    💖 1
Choeung Ek is the site of a former orchard and mass grave of victims of the Khmer Rouge – killed between 1975 and 1979 – in Dangkao Section, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, about 17 kilometres (11 mi) south of the Phnom Penh city centre.

Cambodia » Siem Reap
Place » Historical Place

Siem Reap, Cambodia

356 views    💖 4
North of the Golden Tower, rises the Tower of Branze higher even than the Golden Tower : a truly astonishing spectacle, with more than ten chambers at its base.

Bayon Temple
Cambodia » Siem Reap
Place » Temple

Bayon, Siem Reap, Cambodia

370 views    💖 4
The Bayon is a well-known and richly decorated Khmer temple at Angkor in Cambodia. Built in the late 12th or early 13th century as the official state temple of the Mahayana Buddhist King Jayavarman VII.

Angkor Thom
Cambodia » Siem Reap
Place » Historical Place

Angkor, Cambodia

414 views    💖 11
Angkor Thom is an administrative district of Siem Reap province, in north western Cambodia. According to the 1998 census of Cambodia, it had a population of 17,750. Angkor Thom was established in the late twelfth century by King Jayavarman VII.