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Ascension Cathedral
Kazakhstan » Almaty
Place » Temple

Gogol St 40в, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan

14 views    💖 1
Ascension Cathedral is a Russian Orthodox cathedral located in Panfilov Park in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan » KAZ
Place » City


11 views    💖 1
Kazakhstan is a country in Central Asia with a land area of 2,724,900 square kilometres (1,052,100 sq mi) and a population of 18.8 million in 2018. The capital is Nur-Sultan, formerly known as Astana. It was moved from Almaty, the country's largest city, in 1997.

Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi
Kazakhstan » KAZ
Place » Historical Place

Turkistan, Kazakhstan

12 views    💖 1
Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi is a mausoleum in the city of Turkestan, in southern Kazakhstan. The structure was commissioned in 1389 by Timur, who ruled the area as part of the expansive Timurid Empire, to replace a smaller 12th-century mausoleum of the famous Turkic poet and Sufi mystic, Khoja Ahmed Yasawi (1093–1166). However, construction was halted with the death of Timur in 1405.

Tokyo Skytree
Japan » Tokyo
Place » Tourism

Japan, 〒131-0045 Tokyo, Sumida, Oshiage, 1−1−2

536 views    💖 8
Tokyo Skytree is a broadcasting, restaurant, and observation tower in Sumida, Tokyo, Japan. It became the tallest structure in Japan in 2010 and reached its full height of 634.0 metres in March 2011.

Aogashima Volcano
Japan » Tokyo
Place » Tourism

Aogashima, Tokyo Japan

535 views    💖 9
Aogashima is a small, tropical volcanic island in the Philippine Sea, under the administration of Tokyo.

Meiji Shrine
Japan » Tokyo
Place » Historical Place

Shibuya, Tokyo 151-8557, Japan

423 views    💖 6
Meiji Shrine is a shrine dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his consort, Empress Shoken. Located just beside the JR Yamanote Line's busy Harajuku Station, Meiji Shrine and the adjacent Yoyogi Park make up a large forested area within the densely built-up city. The spacious shrine grounds offer walking paths that are great for a relaxing stroll.

Tokyo Imperial Palace
Japan » Tokyo
Place » Historical Place

1-1 Chiyoda, Tokyo 100-8111, Japan

392 views    💖 5
The current Imperial Palace is located on the former site of Edo Castle. It’s a large park area surrounded by moats and massive stone walls in the center of Tokyo, a short walk from Tokyo Station and is the residence of Japan's Imperial Family.

Edo Castle
Japan » Tokyo
Place » Historical Place

Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan

470 views    💖 6
Edo Castle, also known as Chiyoda Castle, is a flatland castle that was built in 1457 by Ōta Dōkan. Edo Castle is located in Chiyoda in Tokyo, then known as Edo, Toshima District, Musashi Province. Tokugawa Ieyasu established the Tokugawa shogunate here.

Narita International Airport
Japan » Kanto
Place » Tourism

1-1 Furugome, Narita, Chiba 282-0004, Japan

21 views    💖 1
Narita International Airport connects Japan with cities, people, goods, and aspirations from around the world.

Haneda Airport
Japan » Tokyo
Place » Tourism

Hanedakuko, Ota City, Tokyo 144-0041, Japan

19 views    💖 1
Haneda Airport is the international airport that connects Tokyo and 26 cities in the world.

Japan » Kanto
Place » City


17 views    💖 1
The Kanto region is a geographical area of Honshu, the largest island of Japan. In a common definition, the region includes the Greater Tokyo Area and encompasses seven prefectures: Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Saitama, Tokyo, Chiba and Kanagawa. The population was 42,607,376 in 2010.

Little India
Malaysia » Kuala Lumpur
Place » Tourism

Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

20 views    💖 1
Brickfields is a neighbourhood located on the western flank central Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is known as Kuala Lumpur's Little India due to the high percentage of Indian residents and businesses. Brickfields been ranked third in Airbnb's list of top trending destinations. Brickfields is notable for being home to KL Sentral, Kuala Lumpur's central public transportation hub.

Hell's Museum
Singapore » SGP
Place » Museum

262 Pasir Panjang Rd, Singapore 118628

18 views    💖 1
Specially curated displays provide comparative insights that will give visitors a better understanding of the commonalities across the world’s major belief systems – and how different communities around the world, as well as in Singapore, draw meaning from death and dying.

Malaysia » Melaka
Place » City

Malacca, Malaysia

416 views    💖 6
Malacca City is the capital city of the Malaysian state of Malacca. As of 2019 it has a population of 579,000. Malacca City is one of the cleanest cities in South East Asia. It is the oldest Malaysian city on the Straits of Malacca, having become a successful entrepôt in the era of the Malacca Sultanate.

Indonesia » Bali
Place » City


360 views    💖 5
Bali is the most famous island of Indonesia's 17000 islands and has been a tourist favorite for decades.

Bangkok Chinatown
Thailand » Bangkok
Place » Tourism

Bangkok, Thailand

18 views    💖 1
Bangkok's Chinatown is one of the largest Chinatowns in the world. It was founded in 1782 when the city was established as the capital of the Rattanakosin Kingdom, and served as the home of the mainly Teochew immigrant Chinese population, who soon became the city's dominant ethnic group.

Wat Arun
Thailand » Bangkok
Place » Temple

Wat Arun, Bangkok Yai, Bangkok 10600, Thailand

430 views    💖 4
Wat Arun is a Buddhist temple in Bangkok Yai district of Bangkok, Thailand, on the Thonburi west bank of the Chao Phraya River.

Hisor Fortress
Tajikistan » TJK
Place » Historical Place

Khisor, Tajikistan

200 views    💖 1
The Hisor Fortress is one of the best preserved historical sites in Tajikistan. Strategically located on a hilltop, the fortress was built around 2500 years ago. Throughout the turbulent history of the region since then, this ancient stronghold has witnessed many changes in power, being demolished and rebuilt numerous times.

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery
China » Hong Kong
Place » Temple

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, Tai Po Road - Sha Tin, Hong Kong

357 views    💖 5
Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is a Buddhist temple in Sha Tin, Hong Kong.

Universal Studios Singapore
Singapore » SGP
Place » Amusement

8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269

423 views    💖 4
At Universal Studios Singapore, go beyond the screen and Ride The Movies. Only here can you experience cutting-edge rides, shows, and attractions.