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St. Louis Cathedral
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Rue Victor Schoelcher, Fort-de-France 97200, Martinique

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St Louis Cathedral is a Catholic cathedral located in Martinique, an overseas department of France. It was built in the late 19th-century in the Romanesque Revival style and serves as the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Fort-de-France. The church is situated in the downtown area of the capital Fort-de-France, at the intersection of rue Victor Schœlcher and rue Blénac.

La Savane Des Esclaves
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La Ferme, Les Trois-ÃŽlets 97229, Martinique

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La Savane des Esclaves is a cultural and historical site located in Martinique, an island in the Caribbean. It is a memorial and educational center dedicated to preserving and promoting the history and culture of Martinique, with a specific focus on the legacy of slavery.

Jardin de Balata
Martinique » Fort De France Bay
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Route de Balata, Fort-de-France 97234, Martinique

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The Jardin de Balata is a botanical garden located in Martinique, in the Caribbean. It is situated about 10 km north of the city of Fort-de-France. Created in 1982 by botanist Jean-Philippe Thoze, the Jardin de Balata is famous for its collection of more than 3,000 species of tropical plants, including orchids, bromeliads, and heliconias.

Anse Dufour
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Anse Dufour is a small fishing village located on the northwest coast of Martinique, an overseas department and region of France in the Caribbean Sea. The village is known for its beautiful beach, also called Anse Dufour, which is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

Memorial Cap 110
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Le Diamant, Martinique

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Memorial Cap 110 is a memorial site located in Le Diamant, a town on the southwest coast of Martinique. The memorial is dedicated to the memory of the 1,500 people who lost their lives when the French slave ship Le Rodeur sank off the coast of Martinique in 1830.

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Martinique is an island located in the eastern Caribbean Sea, and is an overseas department of France. It is one of the Windward Islands, and is situated north of Saint Lucia and south of Dominica. The island covers an area of about 1,128 square kilometers (436 square miles), and has a population of approximately 375,000 people.

Fort De France
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Fort-de-France is the capital city of Martinique, which is an overseas department and region of France located in the Caribbean Sea. It is situated on the west coast of the island and is the largest city in Martinique, with a population of over 85,000 people.