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Cover's Apple Ranch Cover's Apple Ranch
19211 Cherokee Rd, Tuolumne, CA 95379
☎ +1 209-928-4689

Last Updated: 03/03/2024

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Cover's Apple Ranch is your destination for family fun and great food. Take a ride on the miniature train through tunnels and around the pond, play in the tree house, and visit the barnyard animals. Then head up to the main ranch house for home-style food from the deli and delicious homemade baked goods from the bakery. Don't forget the fresh-pressed, 100% natural cider to go with it.
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Cover's Apple Ranch

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Tuolumne City
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Tuolumne City is an unincorporated town in Tuolumne County, California. A census-designated place (CDP) officially known as Tuolumne also encompasses the town. The population of the CDP was 1,779 at the 2010 census.

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Tuolumne, CA 95379

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  Cover's Apple Ranch